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Summer Safety Tips for Pets in Cork

summer safety tips for pets in Cork

After months of rain, the time has finally come for the humans and pets of Cork to get outside and enjoy the summer sunshine!

At Riverview Vets Cork we want your pets to have as much fun outdoors as they possibly can – and this means being aware of the summer dangers for pets in Ireland.

So our team here at Riverview Vets in Ballincollig, Kinsale, Carrigaline, Bandon and Clonakilty have put together this list of summer dangers for pets in Cork to help you keep your pets safe and well!

  1. Heatstroke – Pets don’t have to be locked in a hot car to get heatstroke! Just being outside without shade could be enough to put your animal in distress – especially if they are a breed that has long hair or a shortened nose. If you see signs that your pet may have heat stroke such as excessive thirst or heavy panting, bring them into the shade or a cool room immediately and use a fan or wet towels to cool them down. Likewise, in hot weather it’s important to combat dehydration. Your pets should always have fresh, clean water available. Take portable water bowls on walks and bring them on trips and long car rides. Other ways to cool your pup include electric fans, ice packs, frozen treats, ice cubes, and even more fun – kiddie pools and sprinklers. Your kids and dog will have a blast!
  1. Sunburn – You might think that your pet’s fur is enough to protect them from becoming sunburnt, but this is not necessarily the case. Even furry pets have areas where their fur is thin enough to allow their skin to become burnt, such as around the nose’s tip or on the belly. Often the solution is as simple as limiting your pet’s time in the sun. If your pet is particularly prone to sunburn, however, specially-formulated sunscreen is available for dogs; human sunscreen should not be used as it can be toxic to animals.

    Also – think of your dog’s feet! When you’re walking your pet on hot tarmac in the heat of the day, it can feel like the equivalent of walking barefoot over hot coals. If the pavement feels too hot for you to press your hand against it comfortably for 5-7 seconds, it’s too hot for your pet. If it’s a really hot day, stick to walking in the mornings and evenings when things cool down to be safe.

  2. Insects and bugs- worms, ticks, fleas, are all more abundant in the warmer months. Here at Riverview Vets, we have all the parasite protection you need for your pet so give us a call to ask us about parasite protection Cork . 
  1. Wasp and bee stings – Getting stung is certainly no fun for a pet! Just like people, some pets are allergic to bees. And not just allergic…some animals are actually susceptible to anaphylactic shock as a result of an insect sting that can cost them their life. Wasps and bees are particularly active in spring and summer and their nests can feel irresistible for curious, wet noses. If your pet has never been stung by a bee, use extra caution when in their vicinity. When stung, always monitor your dog or cat closely for signs of trouble breathing or excessive swelling which can be life-threatening.if ever you are in doubt call us at Riverview Vets immediately on our emergency vet Cork phone number +353 23 884 1503
  1. BBQs – All that yummy meat is very tempting for a hungry hound! Some grilled foods can actually be harmful for animals, including anything with bones which can become lodged in your pet’s throat. Boneless chicken, burgers and hot dogs are okay, but limit them to small quantities. As you know, most pets eat anything and everything, so keep an eye on what they’re indulging in. And don’t forget to keep your pet inside while the grill cools down with the lid open to keep curious licks at bay!

Summer is amazing. It’s when dogs and cats get to enjoy the great outdoors to the fullest, and likely the time of year when you get to spend the most time enjoying being a pet owner. This summer, be safe, be aware, and most importantly, have fun. As ever, Riverview Vets in Ballincollig, Kinsale, Carrigaline, Bandon and Clonakilty are on hand to help with any questions you have about caring for your pet. 

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