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Regular Grooming is so important!

Regular grooming of your pet is essential for their health and wellbeing. A coat which is not looked after becomes matted, long and uncomfortable.  We recommend that you make regular grooming part of your pets normal healthcare routine.

Grooming and Clipping helps: 

  • rid the coat of shed hair 
  • rid the coat of dead skin
  • maintain a comfortable coat lenght to match the seasons
  • ensures your pets comfort
  • enables you to identify any underlying conditions early
  • stops your pet overgrooming  which can lead to biting, chewing and licking themselves intensively.

Most pets love to be brushed and doing so helps create a great bond between you and your animal. 

The rest of the body 

Grooming is not only about your pets coat the rest of the body benefits also:

Ears – as some breeds are more prone to infections and parasites than others you should regularly examine your pets ears and make sure they are odor-free. If anything looks red, swollen or any signs of an infestation than an appointment should be made to visit us at one of our numerous locations.

Eyes – like humans your pets eyes can easily get irritated.  The eyes should always be clear and bright. Any watery eyes or sore looking eyes should also be checked by one of our dedicated staff.

Teeth – if your pet is anything like mine teeth brushing is not an option!! If your pet has bad breath or trouble eating its time for a visit!

Nail Trimming – your pet can have very sharp nails, which if not trimmed frequently can cause serious injury to both you and your pet. Alot of pet owners are nervous doing this task but always remember that our professional groomers are always there to help.

Regular nail trimming is a must!

  • it reduces the risk of injury
  • prevents the likelihood of in-grown nails
  • stops the nails getting caught 
  • can ease arthritis and other joint pains in older pets

    If you have any queries after reading this article please contact our grooming team. 

Alternatively if you have any concerns in relation to your pet after grooming them yourself please contact your nearest clinic for advice or to make an appointment.

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