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Pet Vaccinations Cork

Kennel Cough or CIRDC?  

The outdated term “Kennel Cough” is no longer considered accurate as it suggests only dogs in kennels are at risk of getting this highly contagious and common infectious respiratory disease. Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease Complex (CIRDC), sometimes referred to as a Contagious Canine Cough or Infectious Canine Tracheobronchitis is a far more accurate term to describe this highly contagious respiratory disease that dogs may be exposed to any time they are in contact with other dogs. In fact, CIRDC or Contagious Canine Cough can affect dogs out walking, at dog training, agility clubs, in the groomers, or attending puppy groups or dog parks, anywhere where they meet another dog, or even drink from a communal water bowl.

Is your dog at risk of CIRDC or Contagious Canine Cough?  

Does your dog go to any of the following places…?

  • Visits to dog parks in Cork
  • Boarding kennels in Cork
    Go for a haircut at the grooming parlour Cork
  • Attend dog training or other dog clubs in Cork
  • Walks with a dog walker, socialising with other dogs
  • Attend dog shows in Cork
  • Drink from a communal water bowl
  • Any other dog-to-dog contact

If your dog is socially active, any one of these common situations could put your dog at risk of getting CIRDC or Contagious Canine Cough aka Kennel Cough. 

Where is the best place to get my pet vaccinated? Ask your Riverview Vets Cork about a vaccine to help protect your dog today.  

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