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At Riverview Vets we offer a comprehensive 24-7 365 on call service to our clients meaning a vet is only ever a phone call away. We encourage the use of appointments for planned work to maximise the efficient use of both farmers and vets time.

We can help you with any of the common herd problems regardless if your herd is cow, goat or sheep, which make your farm day more difficult, costing you both time and money.

  • Milk Fever prevention
  • Grass Tetany prevention
  • Calf health programmes
  • Nutrition advice for the milking cow
    • To Decrease ketosis
    • To Decrease LDA’s
    • To Increase Fertility
    • To Manage the transition period from dry to milking to optimise cow and farm performance
  • Vaccination advice
    • Diagnosis of problems and tailored control programmes to suit each farm unit

We advise on the control, prevention and eradication of all cattle diseases

  • BVD
  • IBR
  • Johnes
  • TB
  • Leptospirosis
  • Neosporosis
  • Crypyosporosis
  • Coccidiosis
  • Calf scours
  • Pneumonia control
  • Tailored advice such as “What to test that new stock Bull for” before he arrives
  • Advice on re-stocking and farm expansion to avoid importing disease onto the farm
  • Disease free status testing and certification for A.I. station bound animals
  • Work Shops for Farm Groups can be tailored to deliver new world class ideas and knowledge around disease control

Parasite Control

  • Laboratory Diagnosis and full advise facility to logically and rationally deal with internal and external parasites such as liver fluke, rumen fluke, worms, lice and flies.

Fertility Advice

  • Routine Pre-breeding scanning
  • Routine early pregnancy diagnosis
  • Herd fertility programmes
  • Problem cow identification
  • Herd problem solving
  • Ability to apply whole farm knowledge to problem solving

Make use of the Riverview Farm shop which stocks a wide range of farming products, such as supplements, wormers. electrolytes, and everything else you will need to carry out your farming business or hobby.

To talk through experts of 24 hour vet near you who  can help, call:

Bandon Farm animal veterinary clinic and shop  – Distillery Road, Bandon, P72 EA31
T: 023 8841503