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Concept of Halloween, Dog and pumpkins on yellow background

Halloween Safety tips!

Halloween Safety Tips! Halloween night is fast approaching and for many households it a great day for fun and frolics, however Halloween can be very stressful for your pet. Before…

Regular Grooming is so important!

Regular grooming of your pet is essential for their health and wellbeing. A coat which is not looked after becomes matted, long and uncomfortable.  We recommend that you make regular…
puppies in snow

Winter Pet Care Tips

With the sudden drop in temperatures over the last few days we want you and your pets to stay safe and cosy with these tips.

A Complete Guide to Heatstroke in Dogs

Studies show that having a pet is very good for your mental health. It reduces blood pressure and depression and also boosts immunity. So, having a pet is great- However,…
summer safety tips for pets in Cork

Summer Safety Tips for Pets in Cork

After months of rain, the time has finally come for the humans and pets of Cork to get outside and enjoy the summer sunshine! At Riverview Vets Cork we want…

Pet Vaccinations Cork

Kennel Cough or CIRDC?   The outdated term “Kennel Cough” is no longer considered accurate as it suggests only dogs in kennels are at risk of getting this highly contagious and…